• Translation services​


    Professional translators have extensive experience in the linguistic field and have devoted years to the study and practice of a variety of techniques allowing them to deliver accurate and high-quality translations.

    Language proficiency

    They require a perfect command of their source and target languages as well as a deep cultural knowledge of their working languages.

    Quality control

    Our translators have developed deep knowledge in their respective fields of expertise, which guarantees high quality translations. We provide a strict quality control before we deliver any translation; by using “two pairs of eyes” we ensure that all our translations are done and proofread by two different professionals.

  • A good translator needs to be, first and foremost, a devoted reader in their specific areas of expertise and an excellent writer in those fields. Our love of words, analytical reading and careful writing is what makes us good translators.

  • Interpreting services.

    MB Translation & Interpreting provides consecutive, simultaneous, liaison and whispered interpreting services. We also provide guidance on the different interpretation equipment available, the language combination and the type of interpretation required to meet your specific needs.

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    Simultaneous interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting is an intensive task which entails the processing of large amounts of information from one language into another. It is commonly used in multilingual meetings. The speech is interpreted simultaneously, thus saving time and allowing attendees to participate actively in their native languages.

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    Consecutive interpreting

    In this interpretation mode, the interpreter seats at the conference table with the delegates. They listen to the person speaking in the source language and deliver the message in the target language when the speaker has finished speaking. Consecutive interpreting is recommended when simultaneous interpreting in a booth is not possible.

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    Liaison interpreting

    This interpretation mode is used to facilitate dialogue between parties speaking different languages. These parties could be one person, two people, a small group or two small groups.

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    Whispered interpreting

    Whispered interpreting is a type of simultaneous interpretation in which the interpreter “whispers” to the client(s). No equipment is required. This interpretation mode works well with a small number of participants (one or two people). It is usually complemented with consecutive interpreting when the recipients of the whispered interpreting wish to take the floor in their own language.

  • Only one eye, like Polyphemus:

    the mind's eye, that sees beyond words to discern their meaning.